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2009-08-19 20:52:22 by JayB33

I've been a little distracted from my flash.I've renewed my xbox live membership and loving it.I'll get back to the flash soon.

Got all The Symbols

2009-08-16 20:10:45 by JayB33

I'm finally up to the bomb part.While you don't understand that now,you will once I finish the flash.The only drawing I'll need to do is the bomb.Almost there,I might even finish by the 21st

Easy Flow

2009-08-15 13:29:04 by JayB33

I'm doing ok in the talking part of the flash.I can tell it'll be kinda short but I'm just getting my feet wet.Everything's going smoothly and I'll probably be done wit the flash before the end of the month

Working on Something

2009-08-08 15:55:27 by JayB33

I'm working on an idea for something.I can do all the lip syncing and motion but it'll be hard to do the sound because I don't have time these days.

Da New Aliens vs Predator

2009-08-06 21:46:32 by JayB33

I've heard that there are is a new aliens vs predator game where you can control the marines,the predator,and a alien.This is seems like an awesome concept.Being that it isn't like the old shooter game.As the Marine you get to be a soldier from earth.Being it's only stand for defence(why that is I dont know yet).Showing you that once again earth has been beaten to its last legs AGAIN.Seemingly enough there's been thousand of time earths has been on the brink of failing when the marine in shining armor comes.Then there's the aliens.There the same as they always are.Crawly,ugly,and drooly.The aspect that they can cling to every surface will be added to the game.So that you kill your prey will hanging upside down.And the best for last,The Predator.Now I'm hoping he would be as badass as in Concrete Jungle(the game)but in this first person shooter,it'll be much different.As you'll be up close as you rip the heads off your prey.This time around the predator will have dual wristblades.The more the better.Sadly but not Dramatically sadly it'll come out in February Of 2010.It's worth the wait so they can get more time.The more developers rush the sloppier games end up and I'd hate to be dissapointed in My Favorite Alien characters.

Slowly Learning

2009-07-30 21:13:26 by JayB33

I'm trying to get a few basics in animation.Tweening,background,and lip syncing.I think I'll just start wit some simple crappy animations.Some little stuff.Demo my skills in animation.Or atleast use them as an illusion to keep others cheering.

A Dope Rapper

2009-07-30 21:07:52 by JayB33

I wanna Become an ill rapper in the future.I'm not quite there yet but I'm planning the way things'll go.Besides look for jobs I can try this out.Maybe animating can get me a few quick dolla's to help me out in the long run.I hate wasting an opportunity like this,especially when the ones I had in youtube didn't go well.Maybe I'll have a bit of luck in animating.